The Bold Type

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV series that inspired you to be better? Well, that happened to me last week when I came across this Netflix series, The Bold Type. So, first of all, I have to acknowledge that I binge-watched it. I couldn’t get enough of it. The series is about three millenial women (ages 24 to 26), living in New York, and working on a women’s magazine.

So, of course, The Bold Type is the typical American series of young, kind of privileged people making their dreams. The show has four seasons on Netflix and the final season is yet to be uploaded to the platform. But I can definitetly say that this show has an extra element, which was the thing that captivated me: FEMINISM. For me, the most impressive thing about that was the fact that it wasn’t white liberal feminism, but it went deeper and presented things about intersectionality, LGBT community, race, women’s health and sexuality.

Also, I was impressed about the cast; they weren’t all white. It had diverse casting with Black, Asian, Muslim, and white people, with different body types and different sexual orientations and identities. All of them were important for the show and enriched it a lot.

I definitetly could relate with the struggles and some lived experiences of those three women. It was a really nice surprise and a good show for unplugging from the sometimes shitty world we live in. The show definitetly inspired me to speak up, be strong and proud of being a woman.


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Rick Powell
1 month ago

Wow! Thanks for writing this, Mandy!