The creation of birds

This painting shows a character giving life to different little birds with no conventional elements and that obviously doesn’t follow the laws of biology. 

However, this painting makes a lot of sense to me. In the first place, the owl-woman reminds me of the wisdom of nature to create perfect beings. In many cultures, the owl represents wisdom. 

Something important to me is her smile, as she’s pleased by her creation. Her movements are delicate in order to do a good job. 

On the other hand, each instrument that she uses has a meaning, at least for me. The colors that she paints with come from the universe, where everything is inmense and unknown.

This detail reminds me that everything comes from The Big Bang and that matter is neither created nor destroyed, it’s only transformed. In other words, the matter with which we were created existed even before we born. 

Then, her brush conects to a musical instrument, at the height of the owl-woman’s heart. This symbolizes for me that the birds will be created with joy, harmony, and beauty, which are qualities of music. 

Finally, the owl-woman brings the birds alive, giving them starlight. In fact, I think that the triangle-shaped magnifying glass is related to divinity. In some cultures, the triangle or the number three is asociated with Good. 

Maybe, the meaning is that in all creation there is something divine. 

It’s accurate to say that the colors in the palette are only primary colors, but she can create unique colors for unique birds.

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Rick Powell
1 month ago

Nice one. Can’t wait to see this in person when the museum opens.

Rick Powell
1 month ago

@Alejandra What do you think of this painting, Ale?