You must watch Chernobyl

This week I had good news. On August 9th, I’ll have a new job. It’s excellent news. I’m super happy. Before I take on new responsibilities, I’ll have to train a new person. Amy and I must finish the outstanding work.

 I registered to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Last Sunday my cousin tested positive for COVID-19. Now she’s recovering well.Last Sunday I went to a stand-up comedy show with Angel. It was my first experience at a show like that and I loved it. They have all kinds of safety precautions to enter to the Morelos Theater, which is in Toluca. Before the show, we ate conchas with nata and had hot chocolate

.Last week, my sister flew to Honduras. She started to study at university last August but she didn’t go to Honduras until now because of COVID-19.Now she’s living in the Zamorano.  It’s a beautiful place in Honduras.

Last weekend, we celebrated the 76th birthday of my grandmother. She was super happy. In fact, she and her friends cried. My family gave her a lot of gifts. The meal was delicious. We ate mixiotes, rice, and chocolate cake.

At night, we watched WW84. We watched it because I was curious, but after I watched it I didn’t like it. Also, I watched Chernobyl. I recommend it 100%. I loved it. It was so sad sometimes but that is reality.  This week I watched a lot of  Antonio Garcia Villaran’s videos, who is an artist/professor. I like his videos.

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Rick Powell
1 month ago

Congrats on the new job!

1 month ago

Enjoy your new challenges, best!