Winds of change

This week I had mixed emotions. I’m excited for new challenges, but also I’m very nervous. I spent three days in Amy’s house. We ate sushi on Tuesday and hamburguers with french fries on Thursday

I had a lot of changes this week. My brother started to work in Tabasco last Monday. My boss selected the person who will replace us. My grandmother is very close to leaving the oxygen tank. 

Yesterday I felt very anxious. My aunt invited me for a coffee and it calmed me down. Also, I always like to talk with her.Amy gave me a book. I have always wanted to read Rayuela. Some people have told me that it’s a boring book; other people have told me that it’s a excellent book. I’ll read it.

Last weekend, my thesis advisor asked me to do a lot of corrections. So, I have to work on that.

In other news, Carmen Farala won RuPaul’s Drag Race Spain. Her lip sync was phenomenal. I broke my cellphone’s screen 🙁

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Rick Powell
1 month ago

Great title! 😉